alloy wire with good offer

  • Introduce:High tensile strength Anti-corrosion High temperature resistence High quality
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alloy wire with good offer

    Product Description


    The process of Nichrome wire is: Material preparation→melting→re-melting→forging→hot rolling→heat treatment→surface treatment→drawing(rolling)→finish heat treatment→inspection→package→warehouse.


    The features of Nichrome wire is excellent anti-oxidation and mechanical strength at high temperature,high resistivity and low temperature,coefficient of resistance; excellent reliability and forming performance, and excellent welding performance.


    Nichrome wire can be widely used in generally specified for transistor caps, anodes for electronic tubes, leads of electronic components / lead-in-wires for lamps and for wire-mesh, e cig atomizer. Also used in strip form for various applications including Ni-Cd batteries. Also used for cables, Lead-in-Wire for lamps, electronic tube supports, wire cloth electrical connecting leads where temperatures are in excess of those for which copper is suitable, wire weaving. Typical applications include: terminations for heating elements as in ovens, plastics extruders, furnaces. Filament supports and lead wires in the lighting industry




    Model NumberNiCr 80/20, NiCr70/30, NiCr60/15, NiCr35/20


    Materialsteel,metal raw material




    Shape: wire, ribbon


    Size range wire: 0.3x0.05mm, 0.4x0.05mm, 0.5x0.05mm, 0.6x0.05mm, 0.8x0.05mm




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